Investments in the hospitality industry such as hotel and resorts are unique due to the combination of real estate and business investment. Many attributes of a business are displayed together with a high capital outlay that is the norm in investment sales. Unlike standard properties, rentals of resort and hotel rooms have a short shelf life, as guests stay for as little as a day.

Rental rates can also vary widely during the year depending on festive seasons and local events. Also, unique to the hospitality world, is the level of management and staffing necessary to operate each facility. All of these factors can directly contribute to the value of the property, offering an intriguing and profitable potential for real estate investments.

NAI’s Hotel experts provide services covering the full range of hospitality property values including five-star, timeshare, mixed-use boutique hotels with retail and multifamily and convention centers.

Our specialists have diverse backgrounds in hotels and hospitality brokerage, operations, consulting, development and finance. Their expertise extends to the specific marketing and sales of hotels, motels, pubs and clubs – providing additional services including site selection analysis, construction and property management.