Corporations today are global and must optimize their supply chain to remain competitive. Once a focus only of larger corporations, the sophisticated regarding logistics has increased in the mid-cap and smaller companies. In short, more corporations look at their spend overall and transportation overwhelmingly is driving the location decisions.

A company’s transportation spend is on average 10-12 times more than rent. While it is important to be competitive with real estate pricing, a change of $0.05- $0.10 per SF per year is typically minuscule compared to the projected transportation savings of 15%-20% by completing a network study of a corporate supply chain.

With this being the case, we look into what we are seeing in the various transportation sectors and determine how to capitalize in real estate utilizing a transportation perspective tailored for each client.

Our logistics team provides real estate and supply solutions to distribution and warehouse companies whose distribution and cross-dock facilities are critical to their success. Our team concentrates on the global supply chain, transportation capacity, and energy concerns which enable us to position your real estate as a competitive advantage.

Our clients receive dedicated team services with single-point-of-contact accountability so that their needs are thoroughly assessed and understood, and strategic plan are well developed and executed.

Our logistics services include

  • Site Selection Analysis
  • Real estate lease, purchases or sale negotiation
  • Build-to-suit analysis and planning
  • Sale/leasebacks
  • Real estate fair market value analysis
  • Land assemblages
  • Drayage analysis and hours of service (HOS) legislation
  • Global supply chain consultation
  • FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone) consulting
  • Incentive consultation